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About us

Wit C2C Ind Pvt. Limited, it is a direct selling company that you and people like us, who are 95% in this world, who have been fulfilling their needs throughout their life, would go away from this world, but all these people do not realize their strength because To date we were only meeting the need. This company was set up to fulfill the expectations of the people of Indore City to give you such a future, with a lot of goodness in the world of Direct Selling for you and our people.

Wit C2C Ind Pvt. Ltd., in compliance with the rules and laws of direct selling of the Government of India, does not do any such work which is against these rules.

We are the people who wants to innovate the way of success. The way of success is to live together, grow together, progress together, support and cooperate each other. Desirous people wants to grow alone but success always comes with team work.

Head of our Mission is our pursuit is a website that gives you the opportunity to make a special change in your life by learning this business opportunity through modern methods and earning a wonderful chance of earning money through it. Direct selling is an art through which direct sellers connect directly to the consumer and extend the reach of their products to those who know it. Taking the goal of Making India and Skill India being run by the Government of India, we are collaborating with Indian brands to help them in the Indian market through the help of each other, the product is sold, so that everybody gets the same opportunity The commission is divided among us so that every associate gets the equal opportunity of earning. witc2cind offers various types of electronics products, home appliances and various technology products, water purifiers and other daily household products. Regardless of whether we have taken care to include all of our products in this website, but we request you to visit the website for the latest modifications and additions in the category of our products. witc2cind is innovating a way through which they want to try to take the quality of the lives of thousands of people to the highest level, which can change their life by giving them freedom of education, freedom of time, and the most prominent ones to live open to their dreams. , Allows to work and earn.